A fully featured messaging system that is easy to use and customize, we deliver value. Our visual design tool allows you to create and deliver virtually any message automatically by phone, text and email.

Everything you want
in an automated
messaging system!

Giving full control over your patient messaging content and delivery, TeleMinder coordinates with your practice management system to provide interactive appointment reminders, Lab Reports, Bill Reminders and more.

TeleMinder's enterprise encompassing messaging provides automated communications for all of your facilities. Network wide administration allows you to easily develop and deliver any type and number of messages.

Includes hardware, software, on site installation and training, customer support.

Completely automated, freeing up valuable staff time.

Messages by Phone, Text, Email.

Customized reporting options provide formatting options for valuable feedback and followup.

Message times and dates in 17 languages.

Streamline your
patient interaction

Reducing no show rates with patient reminders, TeleMinder also allows confidential access to lab reports.

TeleMinder is your solution for patient appointment reminders, lab reports, vaccination reminders, and emergency management!


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