With a large suite of automatic messaging options, TeleMinder is a fully featured standalone system that is easy to use and customize. Our distributed messaging platform delivers value with its unrestricted choice of applications.

Everything you need
in a single automated
messaging system

Teleminder gives you control over your messaging content and delivery – integrating your prerecorded voice, along with patient information from your practice management system to provide interactive, personalized appointment reminders or lab reports.

TeleMinder's unrestricted architecture serves any number of departments, providers, or locations.  There is no limit to the number or types of messages, and the system can be administered from anywhere within your network.

Message times and dates are available in 17 languages.

TeleMinder runs completely unattended, freeing up valuable staff time.

Reports provide simple, customizable formatting to gather and track responses. The results can be stored for statistical analysis.

Our system includes all hardware, software, support and on site training.

Whether you need appointment reminders, lab reporting, clinical study follow up or checkup calls, TeleMinder is your single solution!

Streamline your
patient interaction

Automated messaging reduces no show rates, allows patients confidential access to their lab reports 24/7, and much more.


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