TeleMinder reminds patients of their appointment time and date, clinic location, physician, and any other information you specify. It will leave messages on answering machines, and accept appointment confirmations. The system will even transfer patients to a scheduling desk or clinic, ask patients questions, and store their responses.

TeleMinder gives you complete control over all message content and delivery, and notifies you of appointment confirmations and cancellations.

Custom message design assures patients receive reminders in a familiar voice, with times and dates in one of 17 languages.

If rescheduling is necessary, TeleMinder will call to notify patients to reschedule, and offer live assistance.

Automated appointment reminders result in decreased "no shows”, a more productive staff, and healthier - happier patients.

Key points for appointment reminders

Decreased no shows
Personalized messages
Times and dates in 17 languages
Generates reports
Runs unattended / completely automated

Teleminder for healthcare (pdf)

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